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NIGHT & LOW-LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY - practical evening workshop

Learn how to capture the bright lights of the city or the soft light of a country dusk. 

Don't be afraid of the dark...

Night photography is an expressive way to photograph the lights of a city against the backdrop of a dark sky, or the lingering glow of dusk over a landscape. The session shows how to get good clear exposures, maybe combined with some evocative blur from moving subjects!

Presentation and practice

To kick off you’ll get plenty of tips on technique and review some how-to images in a short discussion and presentation. Then we’ll head out into the cool evening air for some guided practical shooting at Place Flagey and along Avenue Louise. The session will include using the camera’s flash together with shutter speed control to get balanced subject lighting.

No special equipment is required other than maybe a simple tripod, and we’ll have some spares if you don’t have your own. This workshop is run in conjunction with the Practical Photography series of Creatif Image workshops.

Among the topics covered are:

·       Presentation and discussion of night photography challenges

·       Techniques and tips for capturing the ambiance of low-light conditions 

·       Using flash when needed to balance ‘ambient’ light 

·       Practical outdoor exercises

·       Working with available and challenging light conditions

Brussels      March 24th 2019   16:00 to 20.00 p.m.        price 80 euros

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