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CAMERA CRAFT   1-day workshop

A day designed for keen beginners who want to get the best out of their digital camera.  

Confidence with your camera

Participants learn - in practice - the main controls of a camera, what they do for the image, and how to handle them. The workshop clearly demonstrates, using plenty of example images, how to use the great features on modern cameras without getting lost in a sea of buttons, knobs and menus!

The course also gives essential insights into the various kinds of lenses available, and which subjects they suit best - people, travel, action and so forth. Additionally it gives an outline of supplementary kit such as flashes and  tripods, which in the right situations can be invaluable aids to rewarding photography.

Ideal for beginners

This is a small group workshop with maximum 4 participants, and is ideal for participants who have little previous experience of camera technique and may be using a new DSLR or 'bridge' camera. We can usually arrange pick-up from Brussels or car-pooling if needed.

Keerbergen          Sunday April 22nd  2018           price 125 euros