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Exploring Composition in Depth

Discover how to capture the absolute best of a subject or scene with a compelling composition.

Making strong images

This one-day workshop demonstrates and explores the powerful principles of composition. 

They're fully illustrated by purpose-shot images to show the result of applying each technique. It answers questions such as:

  • What key subject can I select and how should I place it?
  • What could I effectively include in the photo and what's best to exclude?
  • Can I get a more creative angle on a shot?
  • How can I position the main image elements for maximum effect?

Design and layout

The session demonstrates simple but highly effective tips including:

  • using lead-in lines to structure an image
  • using colour and contrast for impact
  • achieving an overall balance of various elements
  • and much more...

The day includes an optional constructive critique of participants' photos, and practical sessions to try out the principles covered.

The workshop is entirely about the visual side of photography - no particular knowledge of camera technique is required and the session is suitable for virtually any type of camera.

Brussels           Sun 8 October, 2017  (10:30-17.30)            140 eur

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